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30/11/2013 by Camille Raphael on Khaled Hajjar

As a non-resident working overseas, I have recently used Khaled's real estate brokerage services to purchase a condo in Montreal. Without Khaled's assistance, the process of buying a property remotely would have been harder and more complex. During the pre-purchase phase, Khaled's help was invaluable in providing insights into the Montreal market, the properties on offer and associated price ranges, as well as shortlisting properties to be viewed during a short trip. In the purchasing phase, Khaled's training and expertise made the process easy and straightforward. During negotiations, Khaled placed my welfare before any other consideration and was very transparent with me. In the closing phase, Khaled assisted me through his network of professionals in quickly finding the right suppliers for all my needs. I therefore strongly recommend Khaled to anyone looking to purchase a property in Montreal.

08/10/2013 by Imad Khalil on Khaled Hajjar

Khaled worked on the acquisition of the Land for our future school site in NDG. He not only exhibited great professionalism as a real estate agent, he also showed exemplary commitment; when we needed advise, he was ready to assist and when problems arose he was ready to help us work through them to close the deal. Thank you Khaled.

21/07/2013 by Amer Tamim on Khaled Hajjar

I had the pleasure to be Khaled’s client. Khaled is a very professional, honest, organized, and friendly broker. He keeps his client’s interests above everything else. Khaled is not only very knowledgeable in real estate, but also has a strong understanding of the Canadian tax, Canadian law and the Montreal mortgage market. Khaled can provide the best possible and tailored advice to serve each client’s specific needs. One word trait that describes Khaled is RELIABILITY, you can rely on him to have the job done. Keep doing what you are doing. I look forward to working with Khaled again in the future.

21/06/2013 by Michel Sakr on Khaled Hajjar

I hired Khaled in 2012 to help get us a foothold in Montreal, where he stood apart from the others by his sincere approach, solid expertise in the Real Estate market, great professional advise, guidance, patience and the attention he gave. Khaled provided us with the market trends and needed statistics to determine the proper market value and other real estate techniques to apply to the negotiation skills while acquiring our home, which helped us bring down the price pretty well. Thank you Khaled et à la prochaine.